Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier Title

It’s finally here! Macross Frontier baby!! After almost a year of waiting the show has started proper. My fingers were practically twitching in excitement as I pressed the play button to watch the official first episode.

Now i say official because the studio actually released another first episode way back in December 23, 2007 and that episode was what they called the “Decultured” version. God only knows what that actually means but it was essentially a promotional tactic used to build up hype for the show. And it worked too. After watching the official episode it should be pretty obvious to most people. The Decultured version was made to showcase the beautiful CGI animation and the incredibly fast paced action.

Macross Frontier Screencap

More pretties……

Macross Frontier Screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap

Now besides all the pretty pictures the plot is actually off to a pretty good start. Basically it’s 2059 and humanity has started to move on from the major conflicts of the previous Macross shows. At the front line is, of course, the Macross Frontier colony ship. Things were pretty peaceful until they were suddenly attacked by unknown alien life-forms who basically kicked the asses off of the UN Spacy defenses. In comes the private paramilitary organization SMS with their advance VF-25 Valkyries to save the day. Simple yet full of potential especially since its Macross we’re talking about here. Mind you it’s only been 3 episodes in but the action so far has been blindingly fast and I do hope it would slow down a bit to let the introductory part of the story to settle down. Not too much tho.

I have always been a Macross and Mecha anime fan so I might be just a tad biased but I feel that this could be the anime to watch this season. I just hope it doesn’t get GSD’fied…

more screencaps..

macross frontier screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap

Probably the coolest exploding ship EVAR!!!!

Macross Frontier Screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap

Macross Frontier Screencap


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  1. I love this series so far! Many great references to past Macross series. If you are not a member or heard of this website, please look at it asap.

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