Oshibori Art

oshibori art

That is a bunny made out of wet hand towels. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Japanese have done it again. Not content with gundam maids and used panties vending machines, they have decided to advance the art origami into the new millennium. This is… Oshibori Art!

This is apparently the latest craze to hit Japan and a fellow gaijin has started the initiative to bring this art to the english speaking masses with his website called…what else? Oshibori Art.

Oshibori are wet hand towels serve to you at restaurants before they serve your meals for you to clean up with. They are served warm during cold weather and cold during warm weather. Now I’m guessing that some restaurants either served these too early or served the food too late because obviously, some patrons were actually bored enough to come up with something like this.

Don’t fancy the cute bunny? How about a cat?

oshibori cat

Or a penguin?

oshibori penguin

If you can read Japanese, here’s the original Oshibori Art Site. They even have a museum for these.>_>


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