Azumanga Fantasy

Azumanga Fantasy X-2 OsakaXYuna

Crossover time! Found these over at Konachan. It’s Azumanga Daioh meets Final Fantasy X-2! Characters from one of my favourite Anime of all time playing characters from one of my favourite games of all time. I love it. Especially with Ayumu Kasuga AKA “Osaka” as Yuna. Can you imagine the hilarity of such a situation? It would certainly make X-2 waaaay more interesting.

Another interesting one, Yukari-sensei as Leblanc. That just fits her so perfectly. I think Leblanc’s character was based of Yukari. I LOL’ed.

Azumanga Fantasy YukariXLeblanc

If you think that was good how bout this one? Azumanga Fantasy 7! zOMGWTFBBQLOL!!!!!!!11one

Azumanga Fantasy 7


6 Responses

  1. tifa yum yum. ^^l

  2. Sakaki is also yum.

    Sakaki as Tifa == 3xYum!

  3. ahahahah!!! sakaki is so cute!!! >_< love her so much!!! ^_^

  4. sakaki is so cute!!! i so love her!!! >_<

  5. Teehee. My two Favorite thing in one place. LOL at Osaka Vincent.

  6. Fantastic pic. cant quite get over osaka as vincent and tomo as red!!! but sakaki can play tifa for me anytime ; )

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