Dead Fantasy

yuna cg

If I had only one word to describe this video, it would be “HOLYFUCKSHITWOAH!!11“. The CG quality may not be on par with some CG movies but the fight choreography can actually give some of those movies a run for their money. It honestly is really really good. Awesome even. Take note that those CG movies usually have million dollar budgets and teams of people working on it. This video is basically made by a group of guys(or gals) who have too much free time on their hands and I thank god that time was so freely given away to them. My hats off too the great Monty Oum and friends for this piece of awesome win.

I’m really at a lost for words to describe this video but just watch it and then head on over to his profile to find out more.

Final Fantasy Girls VS Dead or Alive Girls

Round 1



3 Responses

  1. O_o awesome… awesome… i can’t find another word to describe this. SquareEnix team is overpower;

  2. Blogged about this two days after it was out. Awesome shit of course.

    Hanif I will add you to my local blogroll, then at least next time if we have outings like the one we did this month you can join us. You can check my review of the outing under my April archives, “An Outing in April”.

  3. Hey thanks, I’ll link you up too and shall look forward to the outings man.

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