Cosfest 2008

More cosplay pictures! This time it’s from the annual Cosplay Festival which currently in its 7th year. Held at Downtown East’s D`Marquee, this year’s event attracted over 9000 visitors over 2 days! Ok, I just made that up. I don’t really know how many people attended or how to find out such information. So for consistency, I’m using that number until somebody informs me otherwise.

Now Cosfest was held over 2 days but I couldn’t make it for the one on Saturday so I told the team blue guys that I’ll meet them on Sunday. As luck would have it, I woke up late on Sunday morning and I also had to fix a problem with my network drive that my brother keeps complaining about. So what do I do when I’m late for one of the biggest cosplay events in Singapore? Why, I get there in Full Warp of course!

With my trustee Nikon D80 in hand, I quickly called the guys to meet up with them but this was again delayed due to extreme distractions of the photogenic kind.

Oh it appears that I have failed to inform you guys earlier that this is going to be a very picture intensive post. I would also like to say that due to the number of photos I have, I honestly can’t be arsed about identifying who’s who and what’s what. Unless they are worth the special mention, like Optimus Prime and Anakim from Lineage 2 above. Incredibly well done but unfortunately for Anakim, parts of her costume were falling off and somebody had to hold it up for her as she posed.

Inside, it was bloody crowded. I barely had space to maneuver my camera around and the lighting was really bad so I had a lot of underexposed shots. Looks like I need to level up my photography skills. I also need a decent hot-shoe flash. Anyway here are the few decent ones I managed to accidentally take.

Maka from Soul Eater


This Gundam Exia cosplay is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in the local scene. HIS EYES FUCKIN GLOWS DAMNIT! LOOK AT IT!. Here are moar pics…

Also met up with Akabane who was cosplaying as one of the members of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts.

IAHGames also had a pair models cosplaying as the female Scouts from Granado Espada at their booth.

Before I go on I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the cosplayers for the quality of the photographs. I iz t3h SUXX0rz.

Time to move outdoors for some sunlight and breathable air. First up is…..I don’t know? I think she’s suppose to be a character from Ikkitousen.

Unfortunately for her the wind wanted to give her a few Marylin Monroe moments. WHOOOPS!

Shinigami captains needs to practice their swordplay skills too.

I also found Ayu! UGUUUUUU~~~~

I also saw what could be the cutest Haruhi cosplayer in existence.

Oh yeah, Allen Walker is beside her….PFFT~!

Now Haruhi with Lena Lee…

Also, CI


He also wanted to take a picture of my camera.

OK back to cosplay now. Not sure about this girl but she’s HAWT. I believe it’s KoF?


Not too sure about this either…

It must be really tiring to pose around all day.

Even the photographers needed a break.

Well I’m tired too. This is probably the longest post I’ve made since this blog came online so I’ll continue with more pics in Cosfest 2008 part 2. Or if you can’t wait that long, more pics can be found here.


Streetfest ’08 & Otaku blogger’s gathering

Gaijin Meido

Disclaimer: Yes yes I know this is waaaaay overdue but I was busy at work and by the time I got back I was too lazy to do any actual work.

Ok let’s get started then, on the 25th May the local Otaku Blogger’s decided to have a gathering and coincide it with Streetfest 2008. Actually we had already met up the day before but we unanimously decided that Streetfest would be a better event to take pictures at and blog about. Of course, i was not present at that decision making moment.

Streetfest Singapore is actually a month long event involving Music, Art and Popular culture however this day’s event was all about Japan and it’s Pop culture that has permeated the world. So what we get mostly here are mostly cosplay, Jpop/rock and more cosplay. So after meeting up with the guys, we quickly head over to the event. I rarely go to this kind of events so I was looking forward to taking some pics of cosplayers and the live bands.

Apparently Jon couldn’t wait too….

Jon fiddling with his Nikon D40

So we arrived at event area only to find out it’s sharing space with a Sony promotional event. WTF? The space wasn’t even that big in the first place and it was clear that most of the crowd was there for streetfest. We then noticed most of the cosplayers went outside and so we decided to tag along.

First thing I saw…

desperately in need of hugs

And then this….

masked goth loli

Suddenly, my eyes caught a glimpse of a rare sight! Ang moh meido!

Gaijin meido n Neko-eyepatch

Yeah same girl from the OP pic. By this point in time i realized the group has pretty much split up. All were in their own world chasing cosplayers for pictures. Of course I did the same and here are the results. Don’t expect too much as my camera is t3h SUxX0rz.

poor free hugs

butler & Nekomimi patches

goth loli

hitman reborn

sakura & syaoran

We then saw a crowd of photographers moving somewhere so we decided to check it out. Then we found out why, Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids were in the house. This is also when Raven received his nickname, Miku Stalker.


More Miku…

Hatsune Miku

More Hatsune Miku

Sadly, I don’t know or care to know about the other vocaloids…

the other vocaloids

Also saw this really cool Haruhi Cosplay. Best Haruhi cosplay in SG IMHO.

Haruhi & Guitar

More guitar Haruhi

Also, big group of butlers and meidos. Must be their off day…

Maids & Butlers

Same group doing the caramelldansen..

Next, they do the Hare Hare Yukai dance..

Us otakus taking a break after a hard day chasing anime characters..

Pseudo lunch on the floor

Taking a break..

The other segment of the event was the live band performances. While most of the guys left early, Me, Sam and Yumeno stayed behind to make sure that we catch all of the performances. We took a lot of pictures but unfortunately the ones I took were mostly FAILZ. Except for this one…

Live band performance

The bands were all really good. Songs covered ranged from JPop Ayumi to mainstream JRock like AKG and even some classic JRock like L’Arc en Ciel. One band even covered the smooth Jazz Fusion-like Tokyo Jihen. Unfortunately, the soundman the hired for the even absolutely failed at his job. EPIC FAIL. Only one band managed to sound it’s best and that was because another soundman took over for a while. The original guy must have went to the toilet or needed a hit or something. I really feel for the bands on this because I know how it feels. You practice for months for a performance and finally managed to get it all down by performance night only to end up with audience not being able to hear the lead guitars and vocals because the soundman thought monitoring a live performance with in-ear monitors is a good idea. It’s a concert ruiner.

And here’s the obligatory group photo..

Otakus@SG Bloggers

Clockwise from Top-left: Akabane, Kazearashi, Dead Snake, Sam, Panther, Fariz, Yumeno, Me and Jon on the floor.