Alcohol Harassment

Alcoholic Beverages

It seems that in Japan, the act of coercing someone to have just “one more drink” and to go “bottom’s up” is starting to be a problem. The Japanese love their drinking parties or nomikai(飲み会) so it’s not unusual to see this sort of thing at the local drinking joints. Especially since the April intake of new staff would mean even more of the Japanese salaryman’s drunken antics. Those who do not want to go home an incoherent, puking mess were forced to come up with a solution.

So in steps the Ikki Harassment Prevention Committee to save the night(or day if you’re really hardcore and/or have no life). Ikki(lit. “one more”) is the Japanese word for the act harassing someone to take that “one more drink”. Their solution to the problem are these innovative coasters.

Ikkihara Coasters

With slogans on them that says “I’m not drinking, I’ve got limits – one drink is quite enough” or “I don’t do ikki – I like to savour my drink”, it will surely drive the message to your drunken friends and colleagues that you do not want one more. If that doesn’t work or nobody notices the message since it’s sitting under a glass of you favourite beverage, the coasters also work as a badge of sorts when inserted into the breast pocket of your shirt or jacket.

Ikkihara coaster in pocket

via TokyoTimes

So how is it that a society said to be traditional and conservative can get to such a state of drunken debauchery? I’m not entirely sure myself but this could be a clue:

via TokyoTimes

That’s right folks, it’s beer for kids! Its called Kodomo no Nomimono(lit. “Kid’s Beverage”). Start ’em young, so they say. >_>

On a related note, if you love t3h beer but still want to watch you calorie intake, this might be useful.

Calorie counting Beer Mug

Too bad it only works when you’re sober enough to actually care about counting calories. ( ̄- ̄;)




Traditional Japanes Enka? J-Rock? Surf Rock? Punk? Ska? All of the above actually. I was pretty surprised when I came to know about this band. They managed to blend all this really distinct styles of music into their own and it sounds fantastic. With Turkey’s speedy punk drums, Yuu’s incredible voice and Akko’s mad bass skillz they have managed to be one the best punk rock group I have ever heard. Anywhere.

Here’s what their official website has to say about them(coz i’m too lazy to type):

GO!GO!7188 formed in 1998 by YUU(singer/guitarist) and AKKO(singer/bassist), high school classmates in Kagoshima prefecture.

In 1999, they head to Tokyo where meet drummer TURKEY and the band makes its major debut from TOSHIBA EMI in 2000.
Ever since they have released 9 full length albums, 12 singles and 3 DVDs.

When they made their debut in the Japanese music scene, they were quoted to be one of the leading girl’s punk band which mixes rock’n roll music with Japanese pop.

They have raised their evalution as one of most important Japanese rock bands,making performances in live houses events to Nippon Budokan hall,with songs which is full of originality and high performance ability.

Now for the videos. First up, my personal favourite, Ukifune

Kinkyori Renai

Nounai Traveller

Kataomoi Fighter

I especially like how the characters in that last video were saying out the lyrics as in a conversation. Hilarious. Also, if while watching that last video you thought that it sounded familiar, like I did, it’s probably because Kataomoi Fighter is also the ED song for Itazura na Kiss. Cheers. ^^



Haiku is the most famous form of poetry to come from Japan and is probably the shortest type of poetry in the world. Haiku is recognizable by its unique structure of 5-7-5 Japanese syllables (In Japanese the word haiku( 俳句、はいく ) is 3 syllables; ha-i-ku). One of the most famous haiku poet is Matsuo Basho and was actively writing poetry during the Edo period in Japan.

Haiku traditionally deals with peaceful concepts such as the beauty of nature or the calmness of the soul and because this concepts are conveyed in such a short sentence, the words in a haiku poem are considered to be deep and full of imagery. Example of a famous haiku by Matsuo Basho:



furuike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto

Old pond

a frog jumps

the sound of water

As you can see, a haiku is broken up to 3 lines when written in English. This is because the breaks or pause to establish the 5-7-5 structure is not evident in English. In Japanese, this done via the kireji (lit. cutting word) such as the ya in furuike ya. Haiku also traditionally have a kigo (lit. season word) with sets the season in which the haiku is set and references the natural world. In the case of this haiku its the word kawazu (frog) and references spring.

Interesting? Well if you’re interested in more, my friends Takke-san is a poet and writes haiku in english on his website, Haiku by Haikaishi “Shinjuku Rollingstone”. Check it out. ^^

Haiku by Haikaishi \

Dental Robot Simroid


That’s right folks, another robot from Japan. This time it’s a robot designed to train new dentists. It can feel pain, respond to pain and follow simple instructions by the dentist. This is done via a multitude of sensors that also help monitor the performance of the dentist. She even has a sensor on her chest to prevent lazy dentist from resting their elbows on her err cushions. ^_^

Developed by Dr. Naotake Shibui of the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo, who co developed the robot with engineers from Kokoro Co. Ltd (they also made Actroid, the receptionist robot). Simroid is actually modeled after a real 28-year-old Japanese women whose fear of dentist and pain has made her famous as “Pain Girl”(痛いガール).

I don’t know about you guys but the fact that it can talk with it’s mouth open like that really freaks me out.

Via Japan Sugoi

Azumanga Fantasy

Azumanga Fantasy X-2 OsakaXYuna

Crossover time! Found these over at Konachan. It’s Azumanga Daioh meets Final Fantasy X-2! Characters from one of my favourite Anime of all time playing characters from one of my favourite games of all time. I love it. Especially with Ayumu Kasuga AKA “Osaka” as Yuna. Can you imagine the hilarity of such a situation? It would certainly make X-2 waaaay more interesting.

Another interesting one, Yukari-sensei as Leblanc. That just fits her so perfectly. I think Leblanc’s character was based of Yukari. I LOL’ed.

Azumanga Fantasy YukariXLeblanc

If you think that was good how bout this one? Azumanga Fantasy 7! zOMGWTFBBQLOL!!!!!!!11one

Azumanga Fantasy 7

Dead Fantasy

yuna cg

If I had only one word to describe this video, it would be “HOLYFUCKSHITWOAH!!11“. The CG quality may not be on par with some CG movies but the fight choreography can actually give some of those movies a run for their money. It honestly is really really good. Awesome even. Take note that those CG movies usually have million dollar budgets and teams of people working on it. This video is basically made by a group of guys(or gals) who have too much free time on their hands and I thank god that time was so freely given away to them. My hats off too the great Monty Oum and friends for this piece of awesome win.

I’m really at a lost for words to describe this video but just watch it and then head on over to his profile to find out more.

Final Fantasy Girls VS Dead or Alive Girls

Round 1


Store Clerk Scares Thief

bloody knife girl

This video has been making its rounds around YouTube apparently. It’s a surveillance video footage of an attempted robbery in Tokyo recently.

When the robber walked up to him with a knife he basically freaked out and started screaming about just being a part-timer and having no money. This hysterics eventually led to him jumping on the counter, still screaming, which then freaks out the robber who promptly ran out. Heck, if i saw a jumping, screaming Japanese part-timer i would be scared shit-less too. The weird part is that when the robber ran away, the clerk actually gave chase. Or maybe he ran home?